• How to make spooky Halloween brownies!

    Spooky Halloween marshmallow ghost brownies

    Photography: Creative Wife & Joyful Worker


    These quick, easy and spooky marshmallow fondant ghost brownie's are sure to haunt your next Halloween party!

    Here's what you will need:

    1. Brownies (bite sized pieces) or cupcakes.

    2. White Fondant. Store bought or home made (I used this simple marshmallow fondant recipe) 

    3. Jumbo marshmallows

    4. Toothipicks

    5. Chocolate chips (minis work best)



    1. Roll out fondant to about 2mm thick and cut into circles approximately 4" in diameter.  I used a large drinking glass to form the circles.

    2. Secure jumbo marshmallows on top of brownies/cupcakes with a toothpick. You may need to cut the toothpick down a bit like I did, depending on the thickness of your brownies. 

    3. Carefully drape fondant over the mallows, manipulating them a bit to form a drape like appearance

    4. Wet the area you want to apply the chocolate chips to with cold water (for eyes). Gently press and hold chocolate chips in place for a few seconds until a secure bond is made. If you won't be eating the fondant, you can also draw funny or spooky faces on for a more polished look!



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    Angela xo

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